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Aboriginal Artwork titled 'Takanna Wadu' (many partnerships to make Aboriginal health good) - copyright Shialee Brodie 2005
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Areas of Research - Injury and violence

A selection of publications from Flinders Aboriginal Health Researchers and colleagues relating to this area of research is listed below.
  • Harrison, JE; Miller, ER; Weeramanthri, T; Wakerman, J; Barnes, T 2001. Information sources for injury prevention among Indigenous Australians. Status and prospects for improvement. AIHW. Adelaide.
    Publication web link
  • Helps, Y., Moodie, D. & Warman, G. 2010, Aboriginal People Travelling Well: Community Report, The Lowitja Institute, Melbourne. Link
  • Helps, Y; Moller, J 2007.Aboriginal People Travelling Well literature review: driver licensing issues, seat restraint non-compliance, Aboriginal health, Aboriginal disability. AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT AUSTRALIAN TRANSPORT SAFETY BUREAU, ATSB RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS REPORT.

    Publication web link


  • Helps, YLM; Moller, J; Kowanko, I; Harrison, JE; O'Donnell,K; de Crespigny, C. 2008. Aboriginal People Travelling Well: Issues of safety, transport and health. AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT OF INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORT, REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT.
    Publication web link
  • Helps, YL; Harrison, JE 2006. Hospitalised injury of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2000-02. No 8. AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF HEALTH AND WELFARE (MEDIA AND PUBLISHING UNIT). Canberra, ACT.
    Publication web link

  • Helps, YL; Harrison, JE 2004. Reported injury mortality of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia, 1997-2000. AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF HEALTH AND WELFARE (MEDIA AND PUBLISHING UNIT). ADELAIDE, SA.
    Publication web link
  • Kowanko, IC; de Crespigny, CF 2004. Mental health disorders and associated health problems among Aboriginal people: a review of hospital separation data. Australasian Epidemiologist 11(3): 28.
  • Kowanko I and Power C (2008). CNAHS Family and Community Healing Program Final External Evaluation Report, 31 March 2008, Flinders University.
    Publication web link
  • Kowanko, Stewart, Power, Fraser, Love, Bromley (2009) An Aboriginal Family and Community Healing Program in metropolitan Adelaide: description and evaluation. Australian Indigenous Health Bulletin 9(4): 1-12.
    Link to the online journal article
    Article PDF
  • Power, C; Dang, N; de Crespigny, CF; Norvill, I; Kowanko, IC; Murray, H; Casey, W; Wilson, S 2006. Sustainable Families: Looking at the Relationship between Culture, Alcohol and Other Drugs and Family Violence. The Second International Conference on Sustainable Heritage Development: Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, Hanoi, Vietnam 9/01/2006.
  • Power, C; Kowanko, IC 2001. Just don't give up on us: An evaluation of the women's service of the Central and Northern Violence Intervention Programs. Flinders University.

Other Areas of Research

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